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Sun, sea and stress free


Sun, sea and stress free


Sun, sea and stress free


Sun, sea and stress free

Which yoga classes are offered?

We offer a range of classes for all abilities

Yoga classes:

  • Courses and lessons in classical Hatha Yoga.
  • Courses and practice sessions for Soft Yoga (Hatha Yoga with modified and easy figures).
  • Courses and Yoga lessons of the Heart® (very gentle yoga)
  • Courses and lessons Business Yoga.

Other classes:

  • Courses for stress management training with individually modules are currently build up
  • 8 unit’s courses for meditation practice are currently created.
  • 8 unit’s courses for self-hypnosis (autosuggestion) are currently under construction.

All these courses meet the requirements of primary prevention according to § 20 paragraph 1 SGB V (German legal social code) for the area of stress reduction and relaxation.

Traditional Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga was originally developed to support other forms of yoga and has evolved over time to its own shape. Hatha means force or tenacity, but also the sun (Ha), which stands among other for activity. Tha, the moon stands for silence or stillness. This expresses that one side you have do have effort and discipline, on the other side Hatha seeks to achieve a balance in the body, a balance between effort and relaxation.

In the medicine and in the stress management this balance is described as a balance between the two nerve systems: The sympathetic nerve system = for the activity in the body (Fight or Flight) and the parasympathetic system = The system for regeneration.

A healthy nerve system will always be able to have a fast compensation and unhealthy stress due to the high chemical distributions in the body do not constitute a health risk, as they are cleaned out quickly by the parasympathetic nerve system

Hatha Yoga supports the harmonization of these two nerve systems. It does not only enable greater flexibility, concentration and fitness, but also supports the overall health.

The aim of Hatha Yoga is to strengthen posture, body, muscles and mind and harmonize them.

The channels (Nadis) are opened in the body, so that the energy (prana) or in Chinese (Qui) can flow freely. Prana or life energy have to be considered like thoughts, you cannot measure or picture it, but they are present in the body.

In the Hatha Yoga class slow, soft and relaxing exercises are practiced. Important here is to breathe deeply and continuously. The breath is the main source of life energy (prana). Besides, exercises for breathing and for deep relaxation will be practiced. The benefit, which comes hand in hand with the increasing practice, is that your mind and your body become more flexible, stronger and more concentrated. Therefore you can take more power in your everyday life. Due to the emotions are closely associated with the breath, you calm down easier and the emotions rise is more slowly. Additionally the ability to immerse in a meditation increases.

Soft yoga (or gentle yoga)

This is a gentle form of Hatha yoga, which is not as challenging as usual yoga forms will be practiced. It is ideal for those who are not that flexible, physically limited, or are just looking for a soft and relaxed training.

It is prefered booked by elderly people and people who no longer or still do not have sufficient flexibility or physically possibilities.

A typically gentle yoga session consists of slight modifications of standard poses of Hatha yoga. That means the yoga pose will not be done as deep or strong as usually. Moreover Soft yoga very often has an alternative pose which is less strenuous to perform.

Furthermore the intensity of practice is more soft and relaxed and the deep relaxation is more emphasized than in a usual session.

Yoga for cardiac, cancer and other life threatening diseases

The capabilities of this Yoga were acquired by the “Yoga of the Heart® Cardiac and Cancer Certification Training”.

It is a very mild form of soft yoga. Asanas, pranayama, deep relaxation, imagery and meditation for the particular disease are individually tailored. By this the psychological, social and spiritual aspect of the disease is considered

The success of this yoga practice can be seen inthe following studies:




Business yoga

What is Business Yoga

Business Yoga belongs to health care and prevention at the workplace. It is suitable for all employed persons, who want to permanently meet the high requirements at their daily working routine.

Business Yoga is a professional stress and self-management, which supports your energy levels such as creativity, efficiency and motivation get to regenerated, and reduce your symptoms of stress such as tension, tiredness and listlessness.

How does Business Yoga work?

Stress is caused by an over claim of the activity of your nerve system, the sympathetic nerve system. This stimulates many and very often in a long term context very dangerous hormones (e.g. cortisol) to be spilled out.

Consequences can be chronic ailments such as tension, sleeping disorders or high blood pressure.

The natural cut back of these hormones and the physical and mental regeneration will take place through the activation of the parasympathetic our passive nerve system.

Because of our western life- and work style a permanent state of stress and continuous stimulus is supported, which very often leads to a continuous activation of the active nervous system.

Thus, the compensation is reduced to the passive nerve system and health risks are the result.

Business Yoga counteracts amongst others, by the activation of the parasympathetic nerve system which supports the healthy regeneration of the body.

Which target group in particularly fits Business Yoga?

Business yoga is ideal for people who are looking for a relaxation and regeneration method which is quick and easy to integrate into their daily lives and routines or do not have much time for other health programs.

Very often already after a short training period the beneficial effects of Business yoga like feeling reduced mental and physical stress get noticeable.

What is Business Yoga in practice?

Through simple but effective exercises pains like tensions in the back, shoulders and neck will be resolved, joints will get mobilized and the muscles throughout the body will get strengthened.

These exercises will be individually adapted and besides relaxation and breathing exercises will be thought, which supports the concentration, creativity and harmony. Also exercises are shown which can be practiced occasionally, maybe in between small breaks in the office.

How to book classes

  • Open yoga classes and courses are offered
  • Courses for individuals are offered and can be booked privately as an individual or as a group.
  • Premises and material can be offered, or lessons can take place locally.
  • Teaching language can German, English or Spanish. Courses also can be taught bilingual in any combination.

To find out more, or to book, please email daniel@tenerifeyoga.com, telephone Daniel on +34 634 333 614, or send us a message using our contact form.